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Catering Bali

Set Menus

Bread, Appetizer, Soup, Pasta, Poultry
Pre Desserts / Desserts

Pre Desserts / Desserts

  1. Dessert; Caramelized Pear, Chocó Hazelnut Tower
  2. Dessert; flavored white truffle celery chocolate roll-orange candy & olive, rice crust
  3. Dessert; rice pudding -caramel, yellow watermelon sorbet ,cardamom crust
  4. Dessert; Double Chocolate Timbale with Orange Oregano Jelly and Black Rice Crackers
  5. Dessert; strawberry -vanilla panacotta lime leaf -raspberry marshmallow
  1. Dessert; frozen yoghurt -tequila sorbet watermelon mint salad, rice salted crust
  2. Dessert: Raspberry white chocolate roll-rose gelee, yoghurt ginger flower emulsion
  3. Dessert: Strawberry tart marshmallow
  4. Dessert: Vanilla kiwi roll-pineapple gelee, sage emulsion red bean crust

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