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Catering Bali


Chef’s Table – Appetizers & Pasta (from left to right):

  1. Seared scallops on young mango and seaweed with rujak pindang and crispy seaweed
  2. Slow cooked lamb shoulder, cumin-curry leaf jus, char-grilled eggplant puree, fermented goats milk, cucumber and rice crust
  3. Quinoa goat cheese croquette,cumin curry leaf jus, char-grilled eggplants, fermented goat milk and cucumber & rice crust
  4. Angel hair pasta with clams, basil, kemangi and coconut foam
  5. Two tone sweet potato gnocchi, shredded duck, ginger cabbage and soya bean foam
  6. Bumbu sauteed squid, ink linguine , water spinach and milk foam
  7. Tuna ‘no tataki’ , cucumber , passion fruit-dashi,gelee, fermented black rice sauce
  8. Duo duck breast and confit, orange infused jus, poached belimbing wuluh, fennel seeds, yeast-rye crust
  9. Chicken roll with coconut, lemongrass, pandan oil, coconut-pandan emulsion, lychee, cucumber salad, kecicang sauce


Title image:
Sesame seared tuna, warm carrot-zucchini-cucumber salad with coconut cream, jeruk Bali, kaffir yoghurt, brown butter, black rice crunch

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