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Main Course

Main Course

For the most intimate part of your dinning experience our team have designed a collection of dishes that are as dramatic in style as they are in flavour. With emphasis on quality, freshness and ingredients cooked to optimum taste. Our head waiters will take orders from every table like a restaurant, ensuring each guest has their meal cooked to their preference. We offer ‘One Dish For All’ or a ” Choice of Two” with pre-ordered special dietary options.

Dishes From left to right:

  1. Iberico wrapped duck breast with chocolate sauce, baby spinach, artichoke, celeriac puree and lemon mushrooms
  2. Cod confit with chestnut puree; served with crab rolls, zucchini spirals, radish, water chestnut and turmeric lemon zest oil
  3. Seared red mullet with red cabbage strawberry joup, asparagus, radicchio, spinach and strawberry lime compote
  1. Seared barramundi with squid joup; served with miso paste, Belgian endive, belimbing wuluh pickles, fried garlic & chili
  2. Butternut squash puree with chocolate sauce, baby potato twist, spinach, cauliflower, Grana Padano foam and thyme oil
  3. Seared chicken with star anise jus, garlic thyme confit, caramelized plum and crispy rice
  1. Roasted lamb rack with chocolate sauce served with coffee butter ciabatta, grain mustard pickles and red cabbage puree
  2. Crispy roasted pork belly with watercress puree, horseradish crème and light mirin served with pak choy and mushroom medley
  3. King prawn, scallop and ‘chicken of the sea’ in fennel crème; served with takoyaki squid, flying fish roe and fresh seaweed


Title image:

Roast beef Massaman with pickled garden vegetables, asparagus, tempebacem and tamarind purees


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