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Our extensive dessert collection is food couture at its most fun and flamboyant. A kaleidoscope of colour, taste and texture for a stunning finale to your meal. We offer pre-dessert palate cleansers, plated desserts and dessert buffets. Which ever you choose, your guests will enjoy a unique twist on classic favourites with fresh local fruits and spices that the Indonesian archipelago is famed for.

Desserts From left to right:

  1. Strawberry Tequila baba – (part of a series)
  2. Blueberry Tiramisu
  3. Chocolate mango crumble ‐ (part of a series)
  1. Coconut Pavlova with lime Mojito
  2. Apricot jasmine milk mousse in avocado chocolate shell ‐ (part of a series)
  3. Hazelnut brownie caramel fudge
  1. White chocolate carrot cake with carotene crisp
  2. Fermented rice mousse with young coconut and tamarind
  3. Angel cake lollipop with citrus bouquet ‐ (part of a series)


Title image:

White chocolate red velvet cake with beetroot crisp


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