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Though they be small, these petite bites lose nothing on flavour, visual impact or quality. Our hot and cold canapés are made with fresh local and imported ingredients. These specially designed bite-sized delicacies, are presented with flair and eaten with ease, leaving plenty of room for conversation and merriment at standing parties or pre-dinner drinks.

Canapés From left to right:

  1. Duck breast confit on coconut rice ball with tamarind jam
  2. Mango capsicum shot with sliced ciabatta and brunoise kyuri
  3. Squid takoyaki with chipotle jam and Japanese mayonnaise
  1. Oyster with yuzu crème, champagne parsley and seaweed crumble
  2. Black ink tuna with horse radish crème and shitake cloud
  3. Chicken tarragon consommé with prawn and Iberico crispy
  1. Razor clam with galangal crème, asparagus and semanggi leaf
  2. Pan seared scallop with turmeric yuzu and green apple
  3. Smoked mackerel with chestnut, apple and parsley jus


Title image:

Mushroom ravioli with truffle emulsion and thyme crème sauce
Chicken tarragon consommé with prawn and Iberico crispy


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