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Main Course


Our warm and cold appetizers are served with freshly baked bread, artisan butter and infused oils. A colourful and creative collection of vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes, elegantly plated. We offer a choice of ‘One For All’, a single appetizer served to every guest or an ‘Alternate Set’ comprised of two appetizers served alternately, creating an opportunity for sharing and exchange, a natural ice breaker at any dinning table.

Appetizers From left to right:

  1. Brie de Meaux with truffle infused caramel sauce, baby watercress, black rice sponge, orange zest puree and caramelized walnut
  2. Lobster confit with smoked pickled apple, sliced endive, caramelized macadamia and romaine lettuce foam
  3. Pan seared duck liver with spiced salak fruit pickles and vegetable confit
  1. Mackerel sous vide with raspberry beetroot joup, pickled carrot, green bean, radicchio, pakchoy and raspberry gem dumpling
  2. Escargot confit with saffron mousse and parsley jus, baby spinach and shaved fennel
  3. Pan seared scallop with apple dressing, pear and champignon slices, white cabbage puree and red cabbage gazpacho
  1. Pickled tropical vegetables in buttermilk foam with kalamata crumble
  2. Blanched razor clam with cilantro jus and lemon zest puree; served with asparagus, mesclun lettuce, cauliflower and edamame
  3. Lamb loin with lemon zest puree and soya caviar; served with baby leaf salad, kalamata crumble and sweet corn chili foam


Title image:

Assorted artisan breads with handmade butter and selection of infused oils


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